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Welcome to the holistic healthcare practice of Randi Sobel, licensed acupuncturist, certified animal acupuncturist, certified zero balancer, fellow in thanatology, and end of life doula. As one of the two cofounders of the Greenspring Valley Healing Arts Center, it was my goal to create a space where the patient’s healing would begin the moment they entered. After sixteen years of hearing people consistently tell us that they “can’t believe how peaceful and relaxed” they feel “as soon as they step through our door,” I can say with confidence that our center has something special that you should definitely experience for yourself!


Perhaps you are considering acupuncture or zero balancing for the first time, or maybe you are continuing a journey of healing that you have already begun. Either way, let this site be a resource for you and a stepping-stone to making the call that gets you and keeps you on your path to healing.


Your acupuncture treatments and zero balancing sessions are offered in a variety of relaxing, beautifully decorated treatment rooms, with the option of soothing music – or just some peace and quiet.


With a completely separate entrance, waiting room and treatment area, pets are able to relax and enjoy coming in for their acupuncture treatments as well – often falling asleep while the needles are in!





I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to work with clients of all ages through their physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I have had the profound experience of being present with clients in all of their life moments from the delivery room to their last breath and everything in between.


My commitment to your health is one that is centered on trust, respect and honesty. If I do not think that I can help you, I will help you find the person who can.

To Contact:

Randi Sobel 

M.Ac., L.Ac., FT.


Licensed Acupuncturist

Certified Animal Acupuncturist

Certified Zero Balancer

Fellow in Thanatology

End of Life Doula




Greenspring Valley Healing Arts Center

8 Greenspring Valley Road

Suite 100 (for people)

Suite 102 (separate entrance for pets)

Owings Mills, MD 21117



Phone 410.654.8997 ext.1

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